Lobregat appeals for strict compliance of Holy Week regulations PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 April 2011 17:18

To ensure solemnity and orderly and peaceful observance of the Holy Week, Mayor Celso Lobregat has called on residents to strictly heed the rules and regulations set by the authorities specifically the orders imposing the traffic rerouting scheme and prohibiting the sale and drinking of liquor in areas where people are expected to converge during the next 5 days.

At the same time, the mayor called on the police and other law enforcement authorities including barangay officials and tanods to strictly implement Executive orders 398 and 399 he issued and other rules and regulations agreed upon during a coordinative meeting he convened recently.

The mayor issued Executive Orders CL-398-2011 imposing a traffic rerouting scheme and CL-399-2011 banning the sale and drinking of liquor at the Freedom Park in Abong-abong.

Mayor Lobregat said the observance of the Holy Week during the past 7 years under his administration has been orderly and peaceful because of the strict implementation of the rules and regulations set by the authorities. “These schemes have been practiced for the past number of years and so we just reviewed it and improved some of it”.

He said the cooperation and support of all sectors is necessary to ensure the successful outcome of the Holy week observance.

The directives are intended to allow the Catholic faithful to observe the solemnity of the Holy Week, the last 7 days of the 40-day season of lent commemorating the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Mayor Lobregat said the observance of Holy Week, particularly on Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, usually draws thousands of people from all walks of life to the Mayor Cesar C. Climaco Freedom Park in Abong-Abong, Pasonanca for the traditional vigil and Way of the Cross prayers, thus causing vehicular and pedestrian traffic congestions on roads leading to the park.

“To prevent such disorderly traffic congestion, it is necessary to adopt and implement a temporary traffic re-routing scheme for all vehicles in the area aforementioned” the chief executive said in EO CL398-2011 issued Friday, April 8

Under the executive order, the road leading to Pasonanca Deep from its junction with the road leading to Pasonanca Elementary School up to the ZCWD motor pool and Luyahan housing project will be maintained as two-way traffic street. However, said road from the entrance to the ZCWD motorpool leading all the way to Km 6 at the entrance to Abong-Abong is declared one-way traffic, but vehicles coming from the ZCWD motor pool may either turn left to the public swimming pools and exit to Pasonanca road (Jardin Maria Clara) or go all the way up to Km.6 and turn left to Pasonanca main road leading to the city proper.

The same order also declares the Freedom Park as walk-in park from the entrance to Km.6, Pasonanca road to the park via Carmen Valley up to the exit at the junction of Pasonanca-Abong-Abong-Murrok Road and Pasonanca-Abong-Abong-Tumaga (Luyahan) Road.

“All types of motor vehicles whether public conveyances or privately-owned including motorcycles and habal-habal are barred from going into the park, except those owned by residents of Carmen Valley and Km.7, provided with passes from the barangay chairman of Pasonanca,” the mayor said in his order.

On the other hand, EO CL-399-2011 prohibits the bringing, sale and drinking of liquor and other intoxicating drinks at the Mayor Cesar C. Climaco Freedom Park. The gun ban shall also be effectively implemented at the park during the Holy Week.

The police authorities are also implementing a comprehensive security plan to instill law and order during the different religious activities set during the week.

Lobregat has exhorted the Catholic faithful to engage in deep reflection and renewal during the Holy Week and to remain thankful for all the blessings and good things that happen every day.

“As we observe the Holy Week, let us remember, reflect and understand the true meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection and its significance to our present situation”, the mayor said.  — Sheila Covarrubias