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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 12:44

City Planning and Development Coordinator and recovery cluster head Engr. Rodrigo Sicat Jr. is happy with the development of the Zamboanga Roadmap to Recovery and Reconstruction (Z3R).

Speaking during yesterday’s regular press briefing at City Hall, Sicat apprised members of the local media of the progress of six major Z3R projects in various barangays affected during last year’s siege.

Foremost of the said projects is the Home Material Assistance (HOMA) program of the National Housing Authority (NHA) that releases P30,000 worth of construction materials per family.

Despite several issues affecting the quick distribution of the HOMA aids, Sicat said they are accelerating the process to meet the program’s weekly target.

“While there are issues on the distribution, we – through the NHA – are expediting things in order to meet the target of 100 beneficiaries per week,” he told the local media.

The various housing projects – the Martha Drive Subdivision, Paniran Resettlement Site, Tulungatung Resettlement Project, the Christian-Muslim Urban Poor Association Inc., as well as the St. Peter’s Compound and Islamic Village – are already on the ground.

In particular, he explained further, site preparation and preliminary construction activities are under way at the Martha Drive Subdivision project where a total of 47 duplex loftable units with hollow block walling will be constructed. Because of the relative small number of units to be constructed, Sicat is confident that the project will be able to meet its August completion date.

Around 11 units are already on the ground with foundation at the Paniran Resettlement Site and the model house is about to be completed, Sicat shared. He likewise added that the project will also include the drainage system.

The recovery cluster head pointed out that there might be savings from the project considering that several intended beneficiaries have opted not to be included in the housing package. “If NHA will allow, the projected savings will be used in the construction of a shoreline protection along the waterways,” he said.

As for the P.D. 472 Resettlement and Aplaya Compound, the City Legal Office and Housing and Land Use Division of the City Mayor’s Office are working to secure individual manifests from residents that will be affected by the planned housing project.

“We know for a fact that the land holdings of these affected residents shall be reduced because the type of housing would be two-storey, eight-unit building. In as much as all the houses thereat are individually located in a parcel of land, with the construction of a two-storey, eight-unit building some of the residents will stay in one building, so it might cause some concerns,” Sicat clarified. —Claudine Uniana