IP leaders question ‘hasty’ oathtaking of IP rep to SP PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 July 2014 11:55

Ismael Musa, who was “selected” as IP Representative to the City Council took his oath of office before Judge Peter Eisma without the knowledge of the IP leaders who “selected” him.

One of the IP leaders said the oathtaking was done “under mysterious circumstances”.

Dr. Pendatun Talib, Al-Hj, addressed as Tuan Raja Agong, the incumbent Convener of IP Leaders in the city after Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj, expressed shock and dismay as to why Mr. Musa took his oath without even the least courtesy of informing the leaders of the IP of his supposed oath-taking.

Many IP leaders blame NCIP and DILG representatives in the city for this “mysterious oath-taking” and confirming Mr. Musa as the Representative when there are many pending complaints, against the “selection” and not having it resolved in the first place.

“Why the haste?” one IP leader asked.

Prof. Yacub. first convener, when asked to comment on the issue, called the oath-taking as “blitzkrieg”, adding that,“if there was nothing unusual in the selection of the IPMR why the haste and the secrecy?.”

In fact, he said, the “Search of the Noble Leader” among the IPs as “envisioned by our forehears”, notably, from the “Prince of Noble Leader” Hadji Abdulla Nunu Maas (Senior) was a terrible fiasco.”

“We failed to find the Noble Leader, yes, we found the IPMR but not what was our elders had hoped for in our current situation Indeed, history is repeating itself a terrible disaster,” Prof. Yacub. — GCCPBA- Media Group