Gensan trike drivers complain vs non-release of franchise PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 July 2014 11:37

Tricycle drivers in Gen. Santos City have called on government officials to fast track the renewal of their franchise to operate so that they can earn income for the education of their children and put food on the table.

One tricycle driver questioned why officials are delaying the release of their franchiseas he complained that it has been affecting their family daily income.

He said the (Gensan) City Traffic Boys are very cruel to them as the latter impose stiffpenalties.

“Pag di me mag-drive sir, wala me income... wala ipakaon saamo mga anak og  pabaon sa ila eskuwela,”complained another driver said.

One driver pointed out that government officials should give them a simple solution to their  problem.

“They  (officials) are wearing nice clothes, sitting in their airconditioned offices and eating delicious foods,  while we drivers suffer daily  rain or shine just to earn a decentliving to feed their family and earn for the children’s education.Gamay lang amo income sir, minsan P200 lang sa adlaw. isda lang ang ulam og butangan malunggay,” the driver said.

Another driver said they paid taxes to the government when they bought the motorcycle, get a cedula from City Hall and applied for driver’s license with the Land Transportation Office.

He explained that commuters like to ride tricycles because the fare is affordable — only P8 per person.       Another driver also called on the city government to put up a tricycle lane in national highways because it is cruel  for not allowing them to use the highways at a certain time. —  Allen Abastillas