ARMM police chief explains pullout of auto assault rifles PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 July 2014 11:32

ARMM Police Regional Director Chief Supt.Noel Orais Delos Reyes was the resource speaker during the consultative meeting called by Team Basilan to discuss the PNP-ARMM directive concerning the pullout of all automatic assault rifles (AARs) from all PNP personnel in the province.

Delos Reyes explained that the directive was aimed at solving the problem of multiple-issuance of firearms to PNP personnel, with the objective of more equitably distributing throughout the province, depending on the prevailing peace and order condition.

He said the inventory of 131 AARs yielded 15 M-16s, 9 cal.45 and 1 shotgun with tampered serial numbers, necessitating the confiscation of the same, and that the remaining firearms will be returned to police stations immediately.

Delos Reyes likewise explained that AARs are issued to police stations, not individuals, and as such, should remain at their respective unit’s stations, not to be brought home, and that only short arms (pistols) are issued directly to personnel, and may be brought home after duty.

He added that even police officers may not bring “personally-owned” guns without a “Permit to Carry” and that “Mission Orders” may not be issued for these privately owned guns.

Moreover, Delos Reyes clarified that “for purposes of inventory” (which happened within Basilan) all returned firearms were stored with the Police Public Safety Company or PPSC, adding that the latter is a mobile police force which can respond anywhere within Basilan, wherein police stations secure a specific area.

He also explained that no firearm already inventoried with Basilan shall leave Basilan (except for those with tampered serial numbers), but that these shall only be re-distributed more equitably and strategically to more police personnel.

Basilan Gov. Jum Akbar reminded Delos Reyes that in any case, the respective LGUs should have been properly informed/briefed about the matter so as to prevent unnecessary alarm, especially owing to the volatile peace and order situation in certain areas of the province, to which reminder Delos Reyes apologized for their lapses in communicating said order to concerned LGUs.