Pneumonia tops cause of death among IDPs PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 July 2014 13:55

The City Health Office Monday confirmed that pneumonia remains the number one cause of death among internally displaced persons in evacuation centers and transitory sites, even as he stressed that health interventions are accelerated and strengthened.
According to City Health Officer Dr. Rodel Agbulos, pneumonia claimed 28 lives since September 9 last year followed by Acute Gastro Enteritis (AGE) which claimed 23 cases. There were 20 deaths with unknown cases, 16 for casdiovascular cause, 13 neonatal deaths, pulmonary tuberculosis- 6, fever- 6, astha- 5, suspected measles – 6 and congenital anomaly with 4 recorded deaths.
Diabetes also claimed 3 lives, gunshot wound- 2, Dengue Fever - 2 cases, Malignancy with 3 recorded deaths, Heat stroke with one reported case along with Hepatitis, Severe Acute Malnutrition, Ileus, Postpartum Bleeding and stroke.
Agbulos during the weekly press briefing in City Hall Monday morning also reported a total of 15 deaths for the past four weeks. The fatalities were from Masepa in Mampang, Talon-talon Elementary School, Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex and Cawa-cawa shoreline.
Most of the mortality were children under five years old. “Five males and ten females, eight [of the total number of mortality] are under five years old,” said Agbulos.
Twenty-six percent of the total death rate occurred in health facilities and according to Agbulos. High percentage of those who died were those who attended patients on their own.
However the City Health Officer confirmed that the mortality rate of the IDPs has not reached the emergency thresholds per Sphere standards.
Total number of deaths from September 9 of 2013 to July 6 this year is 143, Agbulos added. — Ella Dee Phuddih Cruz – WMSU OJT- City Hall PIO