40,000 hybrid coconut seedlings shipped to Sulu PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 April 2011 15:10

Congressman Habib Tupay Loong (1st District, Sulu) has shipped  to Jolo, Sulu on Saturday   about 40,000 hybrid coconut seedlings aboard a Philippine naval ship utilizing the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP’s) Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) “Bayanihan” concept.

Rep. Loong said the shipment of hybrid coco seedlings is part of the 150,000 hybrid coconut seedling  he programmed for replanting  this year in the towns of Hadji Panglima Tahil, Indanan, Jolo, Maimbung, Pangutaran, Parang, Patikul and Talipao, all located in the 1st district of Sulu.

“The coconut seedlings that I have just shipped to Jolo in Sulu will be  used to replace the old coconut trees that our forefather, grandfather, and father have planted for us as a source of livelihood,” Loong explained.

The Muslim solon said Babay (Leyte), Renel (African collection), Bogo Zero (Davao) Zamboanga City, San Ramon and Sinbar  were among the  varieties of hybrid coconut seedlings  he  purchased at the Philippine Coconut Authority in this city for his  district in Sulu.

He added that more coconut seedlings will be transported  to Sulu in the coming days to complete the 150,000 allocation he programmed for his district this year.

He said funds used to purchase the coconut seedlings was taken from his Priority Development Assistant Fund (PDAF) as part of his   livelihood program for the district this year.

PCA statistics showed that the 40,000 coconut seedlings can be planted  in a 400 hectares of land using  the average planting scheme of 100 seedlings per hectare.

The military said on Saturday the Bayanihan concept is now in full  implementation and  is fast gaining the support of local government units (LGUs) and other sectors of society to win over the insurgency problem of the community.

The IPSP Bayanihan which was launched last January is anchored on the premise winning the peace through peaceful and meaningful way rather than simply defeating the them using the barrel of guns and cannons, the military said.

Loong also salutes the local Navy chief here, Sec Voltaire Gazmin of  the Department of National Defense and AFP chief of Staff General Eduardo Oban Jr. for  the concept they both  adopted which is a non-traditional approach in ending the country’s decades-old insurgency.

He said both top military officials had acknowledgethe problem cannot be solved through military action alone, but more importantly through peace and development initiatives in partnership with LGUs.

The  IPSP Bayanihan concept of the military is targeted to win the hearts and minds of  the insurgency in the countryside, the military said earlier.

Sulu is predominantly agricultural land with coconut and abaca farming and fishing as its main livelihood activities. Its fertile soil and ideal climate can grow a variety of crops such oranges, and lanzones as well as exotic fruits seldom found elsewhere in the country such as durian and mangosteen. — Nonoy E. Lacson