Mystery shrouds death of truck driver in Salaan PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 12 July 2014 11:50

Mystery shrouds the death of a truck driver who was shot and hacked several times at Sitio Lugakit, Salaan at dawn yesterday.

Slain  was Jerico Sanson, 36, sustained a lone gunshot wound and multiple hack wounds in the different parts of the body.

A police report disclosed that Sanson together with Richard Francisco and some companions had a drinking spree at the house of Ejemar Del Rosario. Few minutes later, their companion, a certain Jerimar, the former’s truckman, left the place and went to a nearby store and upon his return he discovered Sanson dead along the road several meters away from where they were drinking.

Police investigators were puzzled after learning  that Francisco was missing after the incident.

Some neighbors told the police that they heard a gunfire before Sanson was found dead.

Men of the Culianan Police Station led by Sr. Insp. Helen Galvez responded and a hot pursuit operation was carried out for the arrest of the killer.

Police said Francisco may have knowledge on Sanson’s slay. —  Dan Toribio Jr.