May renewed spirit draw us to continue unfinished tasks — Beng PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 April 2011 15:41

As people bounce back to work after a weeklong spiritual retreat, reflection and renewal, House Deputy Speaker Beng Climaco hopes that all have been renewed to continue doing the unfinished tasks for the betterment of individual lives and ultimately, the betterment of the city of Zamboanga.

Cong. Climaco, who joined her constituents in Zamboanga in the observance of various religious practices during the Holy Week said Easter—which is a celebration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ—verbalizes the virtues of humility, compassion, tolerance and leniency.

“We pray that all will be renewed in spirit to continue doing the tasks left under our sleeves and that we will continue to do things that will give hope to others”, Cong. Climaco said in observance of Easter.

Easter marks the culmination of Lent, the time when people reflect on the passion, death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ.

At the beginning of the Holy Week, the congresswoman has urged the Catholic community in Zamboanga City to seriously engage in prayer and reflection.

“We appeal to people to pray and also offer prayers for our brethren in Japan”, the District I congresswoman said referring to the victims of the powerful earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan March 11.

She stressed that people in Japan continuously suffer the brunt of the disaster that hit them last month and are in need of prayers and support of their fellowmen.

On the other hand, in this season of lent, she said, people should thank the Lord for the protection and guidance and all the blessings given to mankind. “We should have gratitude to God for His death saved us”, she said. — Rham Joseph Cabasag