Dipolog mayor: Save the oceans, seas for more fish PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 18 July 2014 11:36

Dipolog City Mayor Evelyn T. Uy has called for the protection of the sea and ocean so that there will be continued abundance of fish, especially sardines that are common food staple of the poor.

Mayor Uy made the call during the “Lana Sardinas” theater show held Wednesday night in Dipolog City.

She urged the people to help campaign for the protection of the environment “so that more sardines and other fish will grow.”

“Let’s love the only one Earth and keep it lasting. Let’s protect our sea and ocean,” Uy said.

The mayor said that in Dipolog City many have livelihood means because of sardines that is in demand in the world market.

“If we will not take good care of the sea and its environment, fish will disappear, Uy warned.

May Maravilles who recounted a story about fish during the show said that two third of the corals in the world are found here in the Philippines.

She said the Sulu and Celebes seas arespawning grounds of fish and that Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia are working together for the protection and preservation of the two seas.

Lana Sardinas is an information campaign to protect the Sulu and Celebes seas.

Campaign Coordinator is Ms. Yenyen Blanco-Delgado. The program was held at the Zamboanga del Norte Convention and Sports Center in Dipolog City. — Allen Abastillas