Stay out of danger zones on bad weather — Beng PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 July 2014 14:21

Mayor Beng Climaco has appealed to the public, particularly those residing along seashores and riverbanks to take necessary precautions as weather conditions stay unstable.

“Ta continua kita apela con el publico, en particular aquellos maga ta queda na bajura lugar, na canto’y rio o na canto’y mar—toma maga precaucion mientras ta continua el mal tiempo por causa de tipon Henry. Ta pidi tambien quita con el maga pulis y militar y maga oficiales de barangay y otro voluntarios—pabor esta vigilante y alerto y visya enbuenamente con el subida de agua na rio y el situacion general na de ustedes cada’y cual jurisdiccion,” Mayor Climaco appealed in her weekly press briefing in City Hall, Monday.

She reiterated her call for barangay leaders and volunteers as well as police and military to stay vigilant and alert and to monitor the river’s water level and the general situation in the locality.

The mayor said the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) is ready to respond and coordinate efforts in cases of emergency. The office can be reached through 926-5855 or through PNP Hotlines 166 and 117.

“We will be formalizing an agreement with the DILG and the 5th Special Action Battalion Special Action Force of the PNP that calls for the expansion and upgrading of the 117 Call Center to improve security and emergency response operation in the city, ” Climaco added.

It can be recalled that last Thursday, July 17, Barangay Sanggali was affected by floods where more or less 150 families temporarily evacuated due to the rising water level in Puroks 1, 2, 3 and 4 and in Sitio Daap.

Affected families were assisted with the rescue and relief operations conducted by different agencies. “Ta rindi kita gracias con el PNP, RPSP-9, Coast Guard, Task Force Zamboanga y con el maga otro agencia que ya asisti (we sincerely thank the PNP, RPSP-9, Coast Guard, Task Force Zamboanga and other agengies who rendered their assistance),” said the mayor. - Ella Dee Phuddih Cruz – WMSU OJT, PIO