Celso, Muslims break Ramadan fast together PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 25 July 2014 12:05

The Muslim community from various sectors and different barangays of the city and District 1 Representative Celso Lobregat shared iftar or sunset meal after breaking the fast on Wednesday.

The pagbukah or breaking of the fast, held at the Garden Orchid convention center was in keeping with tradition which Lobregat started 11 years ago when he was first elected mayor.

Representative Lobregat stressed the significance and the rationale of holding the Pagbukah stressing the significance of the holy month of Ramadan in the Islamic faith. Lobregat said, “Debe aqui na Zamboanga, Kristiano man, Muslim o Lumad uno lang kita. We should live in peace and harmony with each other respecting and understanding each other’s culture and belief.”

Lobregat thanked all those in attendance and expressed sincere appreciation, solidarity and respect for the Muslim community in the city.

The event was very well attended, as there was an overflowing number of guests. Initially the expected attendance was 200 to 250 guests but the actual attendees reached 450.

The program started at 5:40pm with the prayer or dua’a led by Ustadz Adnam Napii. This was followed by the welcome remarks of Cong. Lobregat and a sharing om the significance of the holy month of Ramadan by Professor Ali T. Yacub. Before the actual breaking of the fast there was recital of the holy Qur-an by Ustadz Adnam Dapie and recital of the Dua’a for Iftar or call to prayer by Ustadz Marwan Gajir.

Among the barangay chairmen in attendance were Faizal Jamalul of Campo Islam, Rogelio Miranda of Sto. Niño, Hussin Sangkula of Zone I, Nonito Aranas of Zone II, Jerry Sanson of Zone III, Kaizar Sakandal of Zone IV, Abdulhamid Irin of Sta. Barbara, Sabal Balahim of Taguiti, Muktar Sajili of Lubigan, Nasri Asari of Limaong, Nasser Absarani of Pasilmanta, Abubakar Hakim of Manalipa, Abdurahim Lim of Dita, Ismael Malik of Mangusu, David Bakil of Sangali, Hakim Hamonnoh of Busay, Alih Saddalani of Tumitus, Jerry Perez of Putik, Benhamin Adjulla of Landang Gua, and Tungkuh Hanapi of Kasanyangan. There were also many Kagawads from the various barangays of the city.

Councilors in attendance were Charlie Mariano, Percival Ramos and Ismael Musa. They were later joined by Vice Mayor Cesar Ituralde, Councillors Rogelio Valesco Jr., Benjamin Guingona IV, Miguel Alavar III, Eduardo Saavedra Jr., Jerry Perez who all arrived after the breaking of the fast.

Also present were former Mayor Efren Arañez, Timuey Woy Lim Wong National Commission for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) regional director, Moh. Taha Arakama City Dirirector of the Department of Interior and Local Government, Edwin Caliolio President of Sothern City Colleges, FSupt. Dominador Zabala Jr. of the Bureau of Fire Protection, officials from the Filipino Turkish Tolerance School, Vic Liozo PRC administrator and also the board members of PRC Zamboanga chapter. Also present were members of the religious, academe, education and business sectors and students.

Cong. Lobregat vowed to continue to host the Pagbukah in the years to come. “We will have the Pagbukah every time we have the Holy month of Ramadan. Hinde lang este ahora. Continua kita este tradicion hasta para siempre.” Cong. Celso declared. — Melcah Yee