NGCP bares no more blackouts Print
Wednesday, 27 April 2011 17:22

Good news! There will be no more blackouts.
Power system operator National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) confirmed yesterday that three units of Pulangi hydro-electric plant in Mindanao have been synchronized and connected to the power grid last night.

The plant owned and operated by NPC/PSALM was recently shut down for its annual preventive maintenance. On April 25, Pulangi unit 1 was synchronized at 8:30PM, unit 3 at 8:40PM, and unit 2 at 9:15PM.

NGCP does not own, operate or shut down power generating plants but as the system operator, it has information on the available capacity, system peak and reserves in the power system.

The Mindanao power situation is now normalized with the synchronization of the 3 units of Pulangi, and power reserves in the Mindanao grid is currently at 111 megawatts (MW).

As of April 26, Pulangi plant, which has a rated capacity of 255 MW, has an actual capacity of 180 MW. The Agus hydro complex (also owned and operated by NPC/PSALM), which has a total rated capacity of 727 MW, has an actual capacity of 452 MW.