Celso to critics: ‘Rise on your own merits, not at my expense’ PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 26 July 2014 13:31

“Move forward. Rise on your own merits, not at my expense”.

Thus, was the friendly advice of District 1 Representative Celso Lobregat to his critics who are once again blaming the solon for initiating projects such as the fountain and other amenities at the Paseo del Mar and other parks that are observed to be incurring financial losses.

In an interview over RMN’s Kuskos Batikos radio program yesterday morning, Lobregat said the parks were established for the people to enjoy and not necessarily be a money-making venture.

He said there were fees imposed such as for the use of comfort rooms and the fountain at the Paseo del Mar but these were merely to help maintain the said facilities. But even if there were fees charged for entrance to the fountain, the viewing of the fountain shows is free as the said shows are visible from the outside, he maintained. “El fountain libre puede tu mira desde apuera pero si quiere tu entra adentro paga tu un poco”.

A member of the City Council in an earlier interview over RMN yesterday alleged that projects initiated by the Lobregat administration are now more of liabilities to the government.  He said the Council is studying ways on how to reverse the situation and even suggested that the fountain at the Paseo del Mar be converted into another facility.

Lobregat said the fountain at the Paseo del Mar is one of the best facilities there is in the region if not Mindanao area. Even visitors from Manila and even abroad enjoy viewing the fountain and even take photographs and videos for souvenirs.

He expressed disbelief that some members of the Council are complaining that the fountain is not earning much despite the ordinance and yet the same councilors were advocating for free charges. “Ta pone lang tu maga fees para ayuda lang mantene con el facilidad not to make money, if the fees will be taken out, then mas lugi ay queda el facilidad”.

“You give credit where credit is due. Bonito ese Paseo del Mar, bonito el Plaza del Pilar. Do not try to demonize  our administration, our administration was an administration of accomplishments. Mucho kita cosa ya hace. Move forward and rise on your own merits, not at my expense,” Lobregat told his critics.

The District I congressman also gave his reactions to criticisms that it is his fault as to why some barangays are now encountering problems on boundaries. He said the issues about boundaries have been there long before he became mayor.

“Ese issue de boundary de antes pa mayor, tiempo pa di Agan tiene ya se issue,” he said adding that no new barangay was created during his term as mayor. “You face the issues but do not try to keep blaming Celso Lobregat for everything. Aquel tiempo di mio, si nuay ulan yo el culpable, si tiene ulan yo el culpable. Si el pono del mangga  nuay fruta hinde ta geria, siguro manada gayot fruta mio mangga.”

“As what Ma’am Caling  (Lobregat) used to say, man junto-junto kita. El problelma allia quiere sila to make a difference, difference is minus, together we can make additions, united we will multiply,” Lobregat added. — Melcah Yee