Orendain rebuts issues on parks, fountain PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 31 July 2014 11:59

City Administrator Antonio Orendain Jr. yesterday said the Paseo del Mar including its fountain, parking and comfort room facilities as well as other parks are not considered economic enterprises but amenities intended to entertain people.

All charges are imposed for use of these facilities are merely incidental and are aimed to help maintain operations.

Some members of the City Council have expressed opinion that the various facilities at the Paseo del Mar such as the fountain, parking lot and comfort room as well as the Jardin Maria Clara Food court and Plaza Pilar among others are not income generating as they should be and therefore should be privatized or be subjected to amendments in the ordinance regulating their operations.

Orendain also said the suggestion to privatize these facilities will aggravate the situation as the private operators will be profit-oriented. “Actually it depends on our interpretation of the issue. If there is anything that we can change, it is in the title.”

The facilities could probably considered or regarded as parks under special accounts with operations falling under the General Services Office or City Tourism Office and not under the Office of the City Administrator.

The operations of these facilities are based on City Ordinances approved by the City Council. — Sheila Covarrubias