Mayor Beng to youth: ‘Our future lies in your hands’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 August 2014 13:20

Mayor Beng Climaco on Wednesday called on the youth to let their voices be heard, engage with the local government and to participate in discussions pertaining to issues concerning the city, stressing that the “future of our country lies in your hands.”

Speaking at the 2nd monthly Youth Forum organized by various groups in coordination with the local government, Climaco shared her experiences as a teacher and as a guidance counselor citing so-called “problematic” students who have become successful individuals in their fields of expertise.

“After going through that difficult fate in high school, because of his energy and creativity, he is now a lawyer” said the mayor as she introduced Martin Loon.

Loon, Climaco said, was one of her former students, who masterminded the organization of a fraternity at the then Ateneo de Zamboanga high school.  Loon was a constant visitor at her guidance office but has turned to become a lawyer and will soon study at a prestigious university abroad, according to Climaco.

When asked to give a brief statement, Loon said “I’m always inspired to meet people like you who continue to have a vision not only for your selves but also for the country.”

He is leaving in a couple of weeks to take his LLM in Law in Georgetown University in the United States.  He said he is “leaving with a purpose to help this country improve and make this country a better place, not just a country, but a real nation, a real state”.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned, that is the power of a dream. A dream is very important though how big, how impossible it is, you should never forget how to dream. Your dream could be your guiding star,” he continued.

He also hailed Mayor Beng for inspiring him and for being part of the person that he has turned out to be. He said he always makes it a point to home to Zamboanga during elections  to campaign for his former teacher and guidance counselor.  “I believe in her as a person and I also believe in her dreams for the city, that’s why I always come back. It is her dream that inspires people like me and I hope you also will believe in a dream that will be more realistic.”

In closing, he imparted one very important lesson he learned that goes “the key to real happiness in life is by having good and genuine relationships. A good and genuine relationship, like the friendships you are having today is bounded and built with shared values, when you have shared values, you believe in the same things, when you dream the same things, genuine relationships will be truthful.”

Speak out Zamboanga is a monthly youth forum organized by the USAID-Enhancing Governance, Accountability and Engagement (ENGAGE) in coordination with Mindanao Youth for Development (MYDev), Mindanao Health (MinHealth), Peope to People (P2P), Social Action Center of the Archiodecese of Zamboanga (SAC) and City Public Information Office (CPIO) under the Office of the City Mayor.

The second youth forum was themed “Inclusive Education and Life Skills for Better Zamboanga” and was held at the Ballroom Garden Orchid Hotel. — Ella Dee Phuddih Cruz-(WMSU OJT, City PIO)