7 Bunguiao high school students possessed by enchanted spirits? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 August 2014 13:21

About seven students of the Bunguiao National High school were reported to have been possessed by “bad spirit” for three weeks now.

Chinita, mother of a female Grade 8 student, said her daughter showed signs of spirit possession three weeks ago.

She said her daughter lost consciousness when her body was first entered by a bad spirit around 12 noon at school.

Aside from Chinita’s daughter, six other students —five female and one male — also displayed indications of a spiritually possessed person

Chinita said when her daughter went home Monday  she again had odd behavior  until Wednesday when she came back to her normal self.

Bunguiao folks believe that the spirit of a dead man and two enchanted spirits entered the body of the students.

Some of the folks say the two enchanted spirits became angry when the mahogany tree was cut down to give way for the construction of a school building.  The said construction is underway.

Some of possessed students were taken to a spiritual healer in Talon-Talon where they were prayed over for the the “bad spirits” to leave their body.

Parents of students of the Bunguiao high school are afraid to send their children to the school for fear that they too will be possessed.

Yesterday morning spiritual healers went to the school to look ask the enchanted spirits to leave the students. alone. – Dan Toribio Jr.