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Sunday, 10 August 2014 14:04

A member of the Zamboanga City Interfaith Council has proposed to the city government to commemorate the September 9, 2013 armed conflict with solemn program and to declare September 9 as a “Day of Remembrance.

The proposal was made by Prof. Ali T.Yacub during a meeting of the Zamboanga City Interfaith Council which presided by Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar, at the City Hall Conference Room last August 5, 2014.

Yacub’s proposal came when the mayor asked for some activities to be undertaken for the month of August and September 2014.

Yacub took the opportunity of repeating his proposal to the mayor when he sent a letter earlier requesting to make September 9, 2014 a day of solemn observance and to declare it as a “Day of Remembrance”.

A letter earlier sent to Mayor Climaco-Salazar cited among others the reasons for such a “solemn observance”

The reasons are:

a. In memoriam of those whose lives were lost in defense of the city (military, PNP and other security forces), and those who perished among the civilians due to shock, fright and other complications;

b. In solidarity with those whose properties were lost due to fire and other causes during the siege.

c. In gratitude to the good spirits coming from the volunteers, the working media, the fishermen who brought their humble donations of fishes, the farmers who gave our their farm products in that hour of need, the soldiers who rescued an old lady with a crucifix amidst the heavy firing at Lustre, to the many donors from far and near whose assistance could no longer be quantified. With great honor and respect to the national officials who they came at a time of need, the city officials who stood with full courage and offered their full support to the City Mayor and the Crisis Committee.

d. To the many Zamboangueños whose hearts were “for the dignity and freedom” of their city, they all prayed to God Almighty that this city, this land they call Zamboanga City, be spared and never to be destroyed again.

It was not yet known whether the mayor will approve Yacub’s proposal. — GCCPBA-Media Group.