P150M allocated for road expansion in Baliwasan PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 May 2011 16:54

Mayor Celso Lobregat yesterday announced that a total of P150 million has been initially appropriated by the national government, thru the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), for the road expansion at Baliwasan Seaside.

This ambitious project aims to decongest the flow of traffic in the west part of the city since the narrow road along San Jose could not be widened due to the presence of the hundreds of concrete houses and business establishments, which for sure, will cost the government to spend much in paying owners of properties situated along the road.

Lobregat said he already discussed with DPWH officials regarding the project that resulted to its positive response by committing P150 million for the purpose.

It would be an additional of 7-meter wide both sides of the existing road that will connect the road to Suterville, San Jose Gusu.

The busy road of San Jose is too narrow causing heavy traffic particularly during peak hours.
Lobregat believes that with the expansion of the road at Baliwasan Seaside, the city would solve great percentage of the traffic problem in the west.

Although there are structures found along the road at Baliwasan Seaside which will be affected in the road expansion project, such is just a minor problem compared to that of the number of establishments situated along San Jose road, Lobregat said.

The project will commence as soon as the funds would be made available and proper bidding procedure follows as mandated under the Philippine Procurement Act, Lobregat said. — Jimmy Villaflores