Aborted holdup captured by CCTV cam: Guard shot dead PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 August 2014 13:31

A surveillance (CCTV) camera captured the face of the gunman who shot and killed a security guard in an aborted holdup at a copra buying station along Campaner St. yesterday morning.

The camera footage showed the gunman shooting Renato Bendanillo of the JKB security agency and detailed at the Luzon Copra where the holdup was staged at past 8 a.m.

Bendanillo sustained a bullet wound in the body and was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Despite the gunshot wound, Bendanillo managed to run inside the establishment, and the camera footage showed the holdupper turning the gun on Frederick Chua, the store owner. Luckily the gun jammed giving Chua the opportunity to seek refuge in the inner part of the store.

A police report disclosed that the gunman was seen at Luzon Copra at past 8 a.m.. He was pretending to be waiting for someone. Moments later, the gunman drew a .45 caliber pistol and shot Bendanillo at close range.

Although wounded, Bendanillo managed to run inside the establishment.

The gunman chased Bendanillo, but along the way he met Chua. He squeezed the trigger of the gun,  but it did not fire.

The gunman tried to chase Chua while shouting “hain na in sin” or “where is the money”.

When the gunman failed to corner Chua, he returned to  the room where the wounded Bendanillo hid but the former failed to open the door.

The gunman then casually walked outside of the establishment and boarded a motorcycle that sped toward unknown direction.

Policemen led by Sr. Insp. Arlan Delumpines have launched hot pursuit operations against the holdupper.

Recovered at the crime scene were  a spent shell and a live ammunition of .45 caliber pistol. – Dan Toribio Jr.