Math whiz kid did it again, wins int'l Science contest PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 October 2010 11:11

Xavier Jefferson Ray M. Go, an 11-year-old fifth grader at the Zamboanga Chong Hua High School was the country's lone silver medalist in the Science Division during the 7th International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) for Primary schools held in Denpasar Ball, Indonesia on October 10 to 16, 2010. Five other Filipino students settled for bronze.

He is the youngest child in a brood of three of businessman Raymond C. Go and Maria Victoria (nee Mendoza) who brought honor to the country in general and Zamboanga city in particular.

IMSO is an annual competition in Science and Math organized by the Directorate of Kindergarten and Primary Education, Ministry of National Education, Indonesia and founded in 2003, then called AMSO (Asean Mathematics and Science Olympiad), this was because schools invited to the event were solely South East Asian countries.

But in 2004 the directorate decided to change the name to IMSO, because countries outside ASEAN expressed interest in joining the annual event.

Mudjito Ak, IMSO chairman for primary school in his rationale stated that "education determines the quality of human resources." Pointing out that the program hopes to stimulate creativity, develop critical and analytical thinking which is important to children at the primary school level since it is "the golden period of education."

This year's individual competition consist of two parts which are theoretical and experimental problems based on Math and Science curriculum, reference books and other sources which cover intellectual, reasoning and creativity. Likewise skill and methodology, general health, environment issue, basic ecology, physiology, human anatomy and function among others.

Also this year 'in August 6 to 10, 2010 the 6th International Mathematics Competition (IMC) held in Singapore, the gifted child was among the country's 26 silver medalist, narrowly missing joining the country's 12 gold medalist in that Math competition.

Young Go also got a high distinction recognition in Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) and also high distinctions for both Math and Science as well as credit mention for English by the International Competition Assessment for School (ICAS) this year.

Dr. Simon Chua, president of the Mathematics Training Guild Philippines (MTG) and Zamboanga Chorig Hua High School principal led the country's Math delegation that saw 987 students from 10 countries participating.

Overall the Philippines placed second behind Peoples Republic of China (PROC) in that event.