75-year-old pensioner stabbed dead in house PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 May 2011 13:29

A 75-year-old pensioner was discovered dead inside his house at  Earth Drive, Tumaga yesterday morning.
Police identified the fatality as Filomeno Fabian, single.
Fabian was discovered dead by his older brother Luis Fabian, a widow.

The victim sustained a multiple stab wound in the body.
Initial investigation disclosed that Filomeno was staying at a house located at the back of Luis’ house.
Luis told the police that he and Filomeno used to talk every morning while drinking cup of coffee. However, last Tuesday, Luis noticed that his brother did not come out of his house. Same thing was observed yesterday, prompting Luis to check Filomeno’s house, where he saw the door locked.

Luis noticed that the television set was open which prompted him to force open door. He was terrified with the sight of Filomeno dead on the bed with multiple stab wounds in the body.

Luis suspects that robbery was the motive behind the killing of his brother as his money was missing. — Dan Toribio Jr.