Celso asks market folks to maintain cleanliness PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 August 2014 11:43

District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat yesterday aired an urgent appeal to stallholders and occupants of the newly-constructed market complex at the waterfront market to properly maintain the project and to keep it clean and orderly.

Lobregat said this as he joined Mayor Beng Climaco and City Administrator Antonio Orendain Jr. and other city officials in turning over the new market building which used to be the Ping’s Commercial building, to stallholders and occupants Monday morning.

The project, costing a total of P44.31 million was initiated during Lobregat’s term as mayor. It started in June 2013 by Christer Construction, a single proprietor company, but halfway in its implementation, the contract was terminated as the contractor passed away. It was taken over by the 3VC Construction following bidding  and other government procedures.

“Durante el tiempo di Ma’am Caling, al mirar ele con el Ping’s Commercial, she felt like crying because of its dilapidated condition,” Lobregat recounted stressing that the  project could not also be undertaken at that time due to lack of funds.

The project was realized during Cong. Lobregat’s term as mayor when resources were already available. “Anoche, yan halungcat yo mio baul, y ya puede yo encontra di mio speech aquel tiempo ya man turnover you el liderato con Mayor Beng,” Lobregat continued.

And quoting portions of his June 2013 valedictory speech as mayor, Lobregat said: “the first 3 years of our administration starting in 2004 were devoted to fixing the city’s financial condition and the accomplishments were modest. But our efforts started to pay off on the second term and continued on to the third term, as from 2007 to 2012 we have been able to roll out 3,833 projects amounting to P5.4 billion.”

“Como cosa kita firmi ta abla falta el dia para inagura todo este maga proyecto. El implimentacion de maga proyecto hind eta escuhi barangay o lugar, maskin onde el locacion—na iste, na oeste, centro, adentro, na pueblo, na isla, na monte, maskin na lugar ta abla sila dies cen ya lang para na cielo—tiene proyecto,”he continued quoting his valedictory address.

The market building, costing P42.4 million, then 86% complete was one of the projects that Lobregat mentioned in his valedictory speech as among the 337 ongoing projects worth P1.46 billion at that time.

From 211 stalls, the city decided to add 21 more stalls increasing its cost. “We saw to it that the project was completed and we did not abandon it”,  Lobregat emphasized.

Now that the project is turned over to the occupants, the congressman hoped that the  stall holders will do their share by taking care of the building, maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in the area and complying rules and regulations such as non-extension of space outside the stalls and make it a show window for visitors and locals alike.

He said the market stalls as well as the alleys are constructed wide enough for ease, comfort.

He repeated his call to the occupants in the dialect saying “mangayo kami tabang kanyo katan, maglano sin pustohan ini lasahun ta niyo ini kato ini katan”.

Mayor Climaco and Orendain likewise aired the same call for the occupants to properly maintain the building and to help the government through compliance of rules and regulations including the payment appropriate rental fees.

Also present during the turnover Monday were Assistant City Administrator Dr. Elmeir Apolinario, City Police Director Col. Angelito Casimiro, department heads, market officials and former councilors Nonong Guingona, Rey Candido and Rudy Lim. — Melcah Yee