Climaco: Dignified living for all IDPs PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 August 2014 11:45

More than just meeting the targets and timeline of the Z3R plan, City Mayor Beng Climaco emphasized that the unceasing efforts of the City Government are meant to ensure that all internally displaced persons (IDPs) will be given the opportunity to have a dignified life.

“I would want that all of the people who have been displaced should know that we have exerted, and are exerting, all our efforts to provide for them dignified shelters, and dignified education, and dignified living,” said Climaco yesterday, August 18.

In her regular briefing to the local press, Climaco said that while there are still IDPs in need of transitory and permanent shelters, the City has come a long way as compared to the first few months of the armed conflict last year.

“The City of Zamboanga is still in what we call a humanitarian crisis phase. There are still people displaced but compared to the original three months, many have been transferred from evacuation centers to what we call transitory sites,” said Climaco.

As of August 4, around 1,810 families, or 9,723 individuals, have transferred to the seven transitory sites established in different areas in the City.

“Este tiempo alegre kita mira que el maga jente que ta keda na maga transitory shelters ya tiene mas alevio na vida,” she said.

More are expected to move out of evacuation centers with the start of the Buggoc Challenge, a bayanihan build challenge targeting the construction of 200 single detached houses on stilts, and the impending construction of additional bunkhouses by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) at the Masepla transitory sites.

In response to concerns on the deaths in the IDP evacuation camps, Climaco stated that these are not caused by the inaction in the part of the local government and its partners.

She stressed that that the local government unit is working very hard with the national government and humanitarian organizations to come up with concrete responses to the needs and concerns of al IDPs, including pursuing measures to maintain cleanliness and sanitation in evacuation centers to ensure the health and well-being of all IDPs.

“Nway kita falia con el maga ayuda que ta dale kita,” said Climaco. — Jasmine MOhammadsali