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Thursday, 21 August 2014 16:23

Mayor Beng Climaco yesterday lauded everyday heroes who go out of their way to help bring transformation in the lives of others as she joined humanitarian partners and other stakeholders in the observance of World Humanitarian Day.

Climaco extolled organizations and individuals who serve humanity from the depths of their heart without need for limelight.

“They are not people who are pressured to do good,” she said, “but people whose heart, head, mind and the totality of the person are dedicated with a passion and zeal to help humanity.”

The mayor recounted how, very early in her political career, she was moved after witnessing firsthand the dedication of a group’s dedication to help the children and women in the streets as well as to fight against HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

Despite not receiving any funding for eight months now, the group continues to work, content with just deriving happiness from caring for and helping people.

“These are the kind of heroes that I am proud of,” the mayor said.

Climaco expressed admiration for the city employee who did not hesitate to do his job even when it meant putting his life on the line, and the many other Zamboanguenos who went to the streets at the height of last year’s siege to feed the hungry.

The mayor also personally thanked the humanitarian organizations who continue to work tirelessly to help rebuild the city in the wake of the siege that displaced thousands of residents last year.

“It is any gain that we had out of the siege, it would be the richness and vastness of the generosity, of the hearts of our people and all of you,” she told humanitarian workers.

World Humanitarian Day is a celebration dedicated to those who seek to promote human welfare heedless of the dangers posed to their lives as well as an opportunity to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the globe.

It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly to coincide with the anniversary of the UN headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003. This year’s celebration is bannered by the theme: “The world needs more…” — Claudine Uniana