Man loses finger in knife blow from stepson PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 24 August 2014 14:44

A 50-year-old man lost one of his left fingers after he was hacked by his stepson at Falcasantos Drive, Lumiyap, Divisoria Thursday night.

Marsito Lusay y Gano was hacked by Leonardo Palma y Sumanlay, 38.

Sumanlay was nabbed by barangay officials and was brought to the police station for proper action.

Initial investigation disclosed Lusay was drunk and was carrying two blade weapons when he went to the house of Jerry Santander where Palma was residing. He then challenged Palma to a duel.

A commotion ensued and Palma accidentally hacked the Lusay cutting the latter’s left middle finger.

The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police said the confrontation was cause by simple miscommunication. – Dan Toribio Jr.