Lobregat confirms Jimenez is an ‘artist’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 October 2010 11:11

Unless provoked, twitting is not his cup of tea but Mayor Celso Lobregat could not help but react in a playful way the verbal exchanges between two members of the City Council Wednesday that highlighted with the privilege speech entitled “Anticipated Response to an Irritating Snake-like Twister”(ARTIST).

“I confirm that Jimenez is an artist”, thus said Mayor Lobregat when asked to comment on Councilor Jaime Cabato’s privilege speech entitled “ARTIST”, in reference to Councilor Cesar Jimenez Jr. who, in many instances according to Cabato has been resorting to repetitive rhetorics with the intention of putting administration councilors including the chief executive in bad light.

To justify his statement, the mayor continued: “I confirm that (Cabato’s statement), you know why? Because right after the elections, Jimenez approached so many people and I can name names, and he was asking them to intercede for him because he wanted to go back to the party (Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino)”.

Mayor Lobregat said there were numerous instances, when all of a sudden, Jimenez was present in so many events such as inaugurations including visits to administration-initiated projects even if uninvited.

“He was not even invited but he was there, so he wanted to ingratiate himself,” the chief executive recounted but stressed that things have returned to normal (meaning, Jimenez was at his critic mode anew) when he issued the memorandum asking members of the City Council including the latter to turn over to the General Services Office City Hall-issued vehicles for inventory purposes.

“When we issued the memorandum asking the councilors to return the vehicles, aba, nag-iba ang templada, so artista talaga," Lobregat twitted adding “if he denies that, I can name names and definitely I can call him a liar because if he denies that I will come up with all the names and the people that he approached and they are willing to testify”.

Apparently irked by Jimenez’ antics which he felt were meant to humiliate the Council majority and Lobregat administration, Cabato during the Council session on Wednesday retorted Jimenez’ privilege speech saying thus: “He in effect schemed to catch us off guard and resort to his repetitive rhetorics. Now I declare, if there are actors, there are liar-like actors”.

Cabato coined the word ARTIST which he said means, “Anticipated Response to an Irritating Snake-like Twister”(ARTIST) in reference to Jimenez’ so-called penchant to degrade his Council colleagues. “I just gave him a dose of his own medicine”.

Jimenez, it is recalled, left the LDP a few years ago and joined forces with the opposition.

By Sheila Covarrubias .