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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 13:32

The IDB Graduates Association (IGA) Zone IV through the support of Hon. Abdusakur A. Tan II, Governor of Sulu and Hon. Abdusakur M. Tan, Vice Governor of Sulu, had successfully conducted the 1435H/2014 Ramadhan School to School Da’wah to different Secondary Schools in Sulu.

The activity was also actively participated by fourorganizations namely; Muslim Students Association (MSA) Lupah Sug, Inc., Tausug Active Youth Organization (TAYO) Inc., Nourunnisah Organization and the Balik Islam Association of Sulu.  The Da’wah activity were facilitated and organized in coordination with the Department of Education (DepEd) Sulu – ARMM.  The activity is aimed to advocate consciousness among secondary school students on their obligations to Allah (SWT), Almighty God and instill in their hearts and minds the importance of being morally upright in the community.  It also provides opportunity to develop their faith that will make them Committed Muslims and Competent Professionals someday.

The meeting area of the group was the Santanina Rasul Sports Complex and at exactly 8:00 am, they headed to the school target. Assigned members were tasked to teach students. The Nourunnisah Organization, composed only of women, was selected to be the lecturer for girls of these different schools visited.  On the other hand, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) was tasked to teach for boys of the same. Some of the Muslim revert were also present together with the Tausug Active Youth Organization and the invited guest. Timothy Ijiran, IGA President, Datu Yldon Kiram, “Kah Dadong” Salapuddin, Amir, MSA Lupah Sug, Inc. and Dr. Abdelnazer Tagayan, Secretary General, MSA Lupah Sug, Inc. were among who supervised the activity.

The lecturer focused on the three selected topics. First, the five pillars of Islam. To be a Muslim, the five principles of Islam are the most basic but important thing they should know. One is not considered a Muslim if he doesn’t perform these principles. Second, is the importance of wearing Hijab (veils) for women. Wearing of Hijab would mean gaining respect on the side of a Muslim woman. However, the rate of women wearing Hijab today is less than those who don’t wear. It is important that every Muslim woman should be reminded that it is an obligatory act and disobeying it would mean disobedience to Allah. Lastly, the manners of Islam. Their goal is to help every Muslim to preserve and bring back the good manners of their ancestors which are already fading in today’s time. These topics were taught to students every meeting in the schools assigned on a given date.

As the month of Ramadhan came, the group also began their da’wah session.On July 02, 2014 they first visited the SSC Lab High School. Almost 200 students of the school were gathered from the 3rd and 4th year level. Three persons were each assigned a room to give lectures and topics that were discussed within two hours. It began at 8 o’clock in the morning and ended up at 10 am.

The next school they visited the MSU Lab High School. It was on July 3, 2014 and more than 250 students attended the da’wah with the same routine. Rooms of girls were separated from the boy’s rooms.

On July 7, 2014, they went to HBSAT and lectured about 250 students. Five rooms were used (3 rooms for girls and 2 rooms for boys). There are three lecturers for each girl’s room. On the other hand, MSA Organization lectured the boy’s room.

Another school they visited was the JAS on July 8, 2014. It was the first school which they gathered higher number of students compared to the other previous schools. More than 750 students attended the da’wah. Some of these students were from the first year to fourth year level. Eight rooms for boys while 8 other rooms for the girls.

On July 9, 2014 their next target school was the JSF. The same with JAS, they served a higher number of students for about 950. This also includes students from the first year to fourth year level. Eight rooms for girls were used and 9 rooms for boys. They had an open forum on the last 15 minutes and the students participated.

Their next route was the SNHS on July 15, 2014. As the days continued, the number of students was rising. They served more than 1,210 students. Eight rooms for the boys and 10 rooms were used by the girls.

Since, July 16, 2014 was a holiday in Jolo town, the group decided to visit Maimbung National High School on the said date. The Da’wah was divided into two locations. It was held on their gymnasium and there are also some who went room to room to accommodate more students. It has the same routine with the past schools they had but the event at the gymnasium was different. They began at 8  a.m. with Mr. Nolhasan Sauradjan as their emcee. The lecturers were divided and some of them went room to room. At the gymnasium, the program started with a prayer which was led by Arshled A. Karram.

Datu Yldon Kiram gave the opening message and extended his gratitude to the presence of everyone who was there. The welcome address was given by the MNHS Principal, Mr. Mohammad A. Alvarez. So, their first lecturer was Indah Dayang Nur-in Hapas, chairwoman of the Nourunnisah Organization, who tackled the ‘Stages of Religion’ and ‘Importance of wearing Hijab’. Next was Sister Fatima who came from the Muslim Revert Organization. She summarized her story on how she became a Muslim to inspire everyone. Last lecturer was Tuan Gabir Kasim who tackled about the manners of Islam. The program lasted for more than 3 hours. Dr. Abdelnazer Tagayan gave the closing message to end the program. Five hundred students were at the gymnasium (3rd and 4th year level) while 550 students were served at the school (lower year level).

After their out-of-town da’wah, the group continued to visit schools in town. On July 22, 2014 they went to Notre Dame Kasulutan. More 250 students attended the dawah. Ten rooms were used all in all from the 4th and 5th year level.

On July 23, 2014 they visited SMII and gathered more than 250 students. Same with the Notre Dame Kasulutan, students were from the 3rd and 4th year level (four sections). It began at 8:15 am and ended up at 10 am.

The next day, their target school was SCT and it was held at its social hall and some went room to room. Lecturers at the social hall were Ms. Nur-in Hapas, A’lim Yahya Abdulla and Tuan Gabir Kasim. Students who attended reached more than 650.

Last school they visited for the Month of Ramadhan was the Notre Dame of Jolo for Girls on July 26, 2014. More than 250 students were present on their da’wah with the same routine.

The Dawah group made their Ramadhan School-to-School da’wah happened. Through this activity, the advocacy of Islamic message of peaceful co-existence, tolerance, and excellence was instilled in the hearts and minds of the Sulu youth, the new breed of servant leaders.  This activity will not only contribute to the Sustainable Peace and Development efforts of the country but also would produce from among the Sulu Youth Committed Muslims and Competent Professionals in whatever fields of career they may choose.  The Month of Ramadhan is the right time to remind everyone with regards to their obligations to Allah, God almighty.  It is just a right time to promote consciousness of the purpose of life and the beauty of being close in our relationship with Allah and our neighbors in the community.  This kind of activity provides opportunity to initiate change for good in the Province of Sulu and hopefully would continue even after Ramadhan to sustain the lessons learned and discourage acts of violence so everyone could live in Sulu communities enjoying Peace, Justice and Prosperity while seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT).  In Sha Allah.