Depressed woman kills self with juice of poisonous grass PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 13:32

A woman, resentful of her lover’s reported liaison with another woman, took her life by drinking the juice of a poisonous grass in Barangay Kabatan, Vincenzo Sagun town in  Zamboanga delSur Sunday afternoon.

Juliet Limpar Malintad, 30, was found by her live-in-partner unconscious several minutes after she committed suicide.

Police said Malintad picked some grasses called tubli, extracted its poisonous juice and and mixed it with kerosene in a glass which she downed.

Police said Malintad had earlier figured in an altercation with her live-in-partner identified as Oscar Alicaway whom she was suspecting of having an affair with another woman.

Investigators also said that Malintad had been threatening to take her life.

On Sunday around 8 a.m., Malintad picked some tubli grasses, brought it to their house and mixed it with kerosene.

Malintad was found by Alicaway unconscious inside their house at 3 p.m.

Malintad was declared clinically dead by hospital personnel. —  Dan Toribio Jr.