Musa calls on Muslim leaders to help build back better Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 August 2014 13:02

Councilor Islamel Musa, a sectoral representative of the indigenous peoples in the local legislature, yesterday called on the Muslim community leaders to help the city government in its efforts to build back a better Zamboanga, following the siege in September last year.

“It’s been almost a year since the Zamboanga siege and I am calling on the Muslim leaders to step in and help the city government’s build back better efforts. If the Christians were helping the internally displaced persons (IDPs) then the Muslims must also step in and do their share,” Musa said.

He said the Muslim communities may step in by adopting IDPs or help them in their needs. “After all, no one had ever thought of much more planned the siege and the recovery efforts are not that simple as some people might have thought,” he clarified.

“In fact, helping the IDPs alone is already a Herculean task what more the ongoing (re)construction of houses? We are not constructing one house but thousands,” he said.

In his privilege speech during the City Council’s regular session the other day, Musa emphasized that the city government did not plan the siege, neither did it allocate funds for rehabilitation before the siege because the city had not indeed thought it.

“I’m saying this because there were hearsays among the Muslim communities that prior to the siege top city officials were seen meeting in a local hotel purportedly to plan the siege. It is not true. It is just a hearsay and there was no such meeting. To disprove it, we must all Muslims and Christians unite and help build back a better Zamboanga,” Musa clarified.

Meanwhile, Musa said he is presiding over a meeting of the Committee on Muslim and Cultural Affairs today in a bid to formulate a mechanism for reconciliation by banking on the idea that the Muslims are good. “Not all Muslims are bad.”

“I believe that the Muslims are a source of information to quell any possible disarray in our city,” he said. — Vic Larato