Celso elated on opening of ZamboPen hospital PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 30 August 2014 11:44

District 1 Representative Celso Lobregat flied back to Zamboanga last August 28, 2014 only to be present at the grand opening of the city’s newest exquisite hospital, the Zamboanga Peninsula Medical Center.

The solon has been in the congress for several weeks now as they are currently having their budget hearing and the same time, he is the Vice Chairman of the Committee and Appropriations. Notwithstanding, he did all means to appear in the ZamPen inauguration. To him, this event is significant and he does not want to miss out its ceremony.

Congressman Lobregat expressed jubilation on the completion of the construction of the edifice of ZamPen Medical center. “I am very happy. I saw the construction of this hospital. It started ground breaking on 10-10-10 when I was still the Mayor. It signalled that Zamboanga is really moving ahead. Como ta habla ‘yo antes, Adelande Zamboanga.” the Congressman said.

He acclaimed all the ZamPen doctors by acknowledging their devotion as real Zamboangueños despite the misconceptions in Zamboanga city especially after the siege last September 2013 which its 1st anniversary is on September 9, 2014. “But today is proof that you are real Zamboangueños because as doctors you are not only practicing you profession in Zamboanga but you’re actually investing in Zamboanga.” Lobregat mentioned.

Zamboanga Peninsula Medical Center is a 16, 000 square meters hospital that has 6 floors and parking lot good for 100 cars. It is located at MCLL Hi-Way, after Putik Elemantary School, fronting Putik chapel.

The ceremony was also graced by Mayor Beng Climaco and Vice Mayor Cesar Itralde together with Chairman of the Board Dr. Ernesto Florente, President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Fernando Cheong, Medical Director Dr. Jejunee Rivera and City Health Officer Dr. Rodelyn Agbulos.

Prior to the program, the doctors ushered the guest of honors to the different rooms of the medical center such as minor care unit, acute care unit, OR/DR complex, cafeteria and somewhere else. — Melcah Yee