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Saturday, 07 May 2011 16:13

Police have warned the public against con men (budol-budol) after the latter victimized anew two persons.

Cherry Mae Salih, 22, single, of Tugbungan appeared at the police station yesterday and reported that she was victimized by two con men.

Salih told the police that she withdrew P14,000 from a bank along Gov. Alvarez Avenue.
She said that while she was inside the bank, she noticed a man staring at her. Moments later when she went out of the bank, a woman who looked like 50-year-old  met her along the way and asked her where she could buy hardware items.

Salih politely tried to assist her by talking to her. The man who was staring at her inside the bank appeared and joined them in the conversation.

From Gov. Alvarez St.,  they proceeded to Gov. Lim Avenue near a hardware, as where a woman pretended to buy some hardware items.

As their conversation continued, the con men managed to convince her to give to them her P14,000 and her Samsung cellular phone worth P10,000 in exchange for a small bag which she was told contained big amount of money.

The two told Salih to take care of the bag, then walked towards La Purisima St. . They promised that they would be back after few minutes.

Salih was seen standing by a bank security guard along Gov Lim Avenue and and asked her what she was doing.

The woman told the security guard that she was waiting for the two persons who left her the bag containing big amount of money in exchange of her P14,000 and cellular phone.
The guard warned her that she could be a victim of a con job or budol-budol.

Immediately they opened the bag and she was surprised to see that it contained folded papers and not money.

Last Thursday night, a similar incident took place involving a pharmacy employeewho lost the drug store’s P20,000 daily sale.

Police appealed to the public not to entertain strangers especially while they are in the downtown area.

The public can report to any policeman along the street when they would be approached and befriended by strangers.

About five years ago, police arrested six members of the so-called “budol-budol gang” after they have victimized several residents including retired government employees.

However, the suspects were released from detention after they posted bail bond.
The modus operandi of con men is to gain the confidence of gullible persons and gypped them of their money. Thus con stands for confidence. — Dan Toribio Jr.