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Friday, 05 September 2014 11:51


Manicahan Poblacion Elementary School

C ulture of change is the message that this program embraces
H onestly hold on to it, for it will not only hone our competence as teachers, but even mold our personality earnestly as public employees
A uspiciously accept this great opportunity
And responsibly turn it into a reality
N ow is the time to give ourselves the best respite to advance holistically
G row professionally , and ceaselessly challenge ourselves to support this endeavor
E mbrace this calling my dear teachers conscientiously , and embark on it with utmost sincerity.
For no matter how many thousands of programs that will be introduced in our system, if we remain steadfast in our passé culture gap, we will never feel the essence of any endeavor unless we will all be one in blazing a new trail towards the realization of the essence of this RPMS , “ THE CULTURE OF CHANGE”.