Red Cross staff, volunteers in action during siege cited PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 13:14

Philippine Red Cross chairman Richard Gordon cited yesterday the heroism of 13 staff and volunteers of the local Red Cross who were wounded and risked their lives during the September 2013 siege.

“It is important to highlight and recognize the courage and heroism displayed by our staff and volunteers who did their duty even while bullets were flying all around them. Some of them got wounded because of it, but they deserve our admiration and respect for being exemplary members of the Red Cross movement,” Gordon said in a news conference held shortly after his arrival in Zamboanga City..

The 13 staff and volunteers wounded during the siege were hit by mortar shrapnel.They were  Dr. Kelly Geronimo, MPH, Mr. Gabriel Sison, R.N. EMT, Mr. Jeremy Balbon, R.N. EMT, Mr. Michael Jan Yucor, R.N., EMT, Ms. Ma. Karbee Alvedia, R.N. EMT, Ms. Neil Sapal, R.N. EMT, Mr. Benrauf Jilluh, R.N. EMT, Mr. Michael Angelo Guiroy, EMT, Mr. Michael Miranda, Ms. Karen Gayle Ganza, EMT, Mr. Badul Khafidzalbnohassan, EMT, Mr. Aibar Hamin, EMT and Mr.Jay Jayson Agustin, EMT.

They were given certificates of commendation, during Gordon’s visit.

In close coordination with the ICRC, the PRC continuously delivers services to those affected by the conflict, including 5,000 children who were given vaccines for measles and polio.

To date, more than 146,000 hot meals have been provided to displaced individuals in one-month for rations and more than 3,900 families were served food items.

Unconditional cash grants benefited 40,000 people, while 10,000 individuals were enrolled in cash-for-work program.

The Red Cross also gave access to clean water totalling 210,000 liters to more than 78,000 individuals through the management of water stations in evacuation centers.

Meanwhile, Philippine Red Cross secretary general Gwendolyn Pang said that Red Cross staff and volunteers risked their lives and worked round-the-clock to assist people displaced by the stand-off in Zamboanga City.

Pang said the actions of the staff and volunteers who were mobilized during the stand-off, especially those who got wounded, is a testimony to the commitment and dedication of the the Red Cross staff and volunteers that stood by their call of duty amidst the chaos in the city.

Pang also said that in the wake of the armed clashes, close to 140 humanitarian workers participated in psychosocial support program to assist 1,222 tracing requests to restore family links and 26, 656 individuals were provided with guidance counseling and psychosocial support. – Dan Toribio Jr.