PSA NSO R-9 set to hold forum, launching of 2013 ASPBI, SICT PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 September 2014 11:33

The  Philippine Statistics Authority-NSO-9 is  set to conduct  forum  and launching  on the conduct of the  2013 Annual Survey on Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI) and  Survey on Information and Communication  Technology (SICT) on September 25, 2014, 8:00 AM.  to be held at  LM Hotel, Falcatan St.  Tetuan, this city.

The conduct of the said  forum aims to provide details on the  survey background its usage and importance,  confidentiality  of  information  as well as the legal authority of the undertaking.  Likewise, the  launching  of  the SICT also provides relevant  information  about  the survey.  The invited  participants to this forum will be the sample respondents of the ASPBI and SICT and other  stakeholders coming from government and non-government  agencies.

The 2013 ASPBI aims to provide key measures on the performance, levels, structure and trends of economic activities in the entire country.  It is one of the designated statistical activities of the government  that generates  the most critical  and essential statistics for economic  planning and analysis.  The 2013 ASPBI has a rider survey  which is the Survey on Information and Communication Technology (SICT).   The 2013  SICT aims to collect and generate information on the availability, distribution and access/utilization of ICT among establishments in the country.  The measurement of ICT access and use will enable the assessment and monitoring of the digital divide of the country.  Furthermore, the survey will also generate core ICT indicators important  for measuring the progress in information and communication technology.

To be more specific, the  Survey on  the Information and Communication  Technology aims to measure the following: 1) component of ICT resources and their utilization by establishments; 2) diffusion of ICT into establishments from various sources; 3) e-commerce transactions from data on-e-commerce sales/revenue and purchases; 4) cellular mobile phone business transactions from data on sales/revenue; provides estimates of the  number of ICT workers in the establishments and  also it  provides methods  of disposal of ICT equipment.

The  Philippines Statistics Authority  being the statistical arm of the government  are  mandated by the  government   to  take the lead  in  the conduct of the  above mentioned surveys.