Group urges consumers to vote in Sunday’s Zamcelco election PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 May 2011 17:28

The Multi-Sectoral Group For Better Zamcelco (MGBZ), coming from different sectors, has been actively working over the past several months to get Zamboanga City’s electric cooperative, Zamcelco, to get its  house in order.

This involvement was prompted by the many questionable transactions that came to light since a little over a year ago. These transactions have been confirmed in a comprehensive audit of the coop and its Board of Directors by the National Electrification Administration (NEA).

The cry of MGBZ led to the appointment of Engr. Jesus Castro as Project Supervisor  and Engr. Santiago Navarro as NEA’s representative in the Zamcelco Board. Over the several months concrete and positive results have been seen, chief of which is the reduction of systems losses and the improvement of collections.

This same multi-sectoral group is now working to get as many subscribers of the coop to participate in the election for Board Directors for 4 districts: District 3 (Tetuan, Tugbungan, Rio Hondo, Mariki, Mampang, Sta. Catalina,Kasanyangan, Talon-Talon, and Sta. Barbara); District 5 (Baliwasan, Part of San Jose, Canelar, Camino Nuevo, Malagutay, Calarian, San Jose Gusu,            Campo Islam, and San Roque); District 8 (Ayala, Cawit, Baluno, Talisayan, Pamucutan, Maasin, Recodo, La Paz,  Tulungatung, and Sinunuc); and District 10 (Buenavista, Muti, Tagasilay, Silbulao, Tigbalabag, Bunguiao, Dulian, Limaong, Tumitus, Lamisahan, Lubigan, Panubigan, Dita,  Curuan, Calabasa, Latuan, Quiniput, Sangali,  Victoria,  and Bolong).

The campaign is to get Zamcelco consumers to have a stronger sense of ownership of their  coop, to select worthy men/women to represent their districts in the Board and to show more engagement in the operations of the coop.

The message of the group to subscribers in the districts which will have elections on Sunday, May 15 is:  CHOOSE WISELY AND CAST YOUR VOTE FOR A WORTHY CANDIDATE.