Iturralde, 3 sons undergo drug test to dispel drug use rumors Print
Thursday, 18 September 2014 11:43

To dispel rumors that one of his sons is a drug user, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde together with his three sons submitted themselves for drug test at the City Health Office yesterday morning.

Iturralde and sons Boris, 21, Nicole, 23, a school nurse, and Oliver, 16, underwent drug test and hours later the results were released: All of them are negative of drug use.

In an interview with DZT,  the vice mayor said he decided to undergo voluntary drug testing together with his sons  to show to the public that his family is clean and free from prohibited drug contrary to  rumors circulating which said that one of of Iturralde’s family members is a drug user.

He said as the “father” (presiding officer) of the City Council where rumors of drug abuse persist said he should be the role model of other officials and their children to erase doubt and to clear the name of the institution which is  the local local legislative body of the city.

“How can we govern, how can we fight prohibited drugs in the city if my name is not cleared?,” Iturralde said.

The vice mayor explained that he has to clear his name and his family so that  he can join other agencies in the fight against the sale and use of illegal drugs.

As the second ranking leader of the city, he saidm  he should be the first to undergo voluntary drug  test to be transparent

The vice mayor added that he is contemplating on issuing a memorandum asking other officials in the City Council to do the same.

Ituralde suspects the rumors on drug use involving one of his sons are spread to destroy him politically.

“A demolition job,” he said. – Dan Toribio Jr.