Fisher killed by son PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 14 May 2011 16:42

A 50-year-old fisherman was stabbed dead by his son in Barangay Talabaan last Thursday afternoon.
Police identified the fatality as Kotong Ahari y Ubahil, married. He was a resident of Enriquez Drive, Talabaan. He was killed by his son, Jack Ahari, 18, single.

Kotong sustained a stab wound in the stomach and died on the spot.
A police report disclosed that Kotong and his con came home drunk around 5 p.m. The father and son engaged in a heated argument due to miscommunication. Kotong grabbed a boat paddle and attacked his son. Jack ran away, prompting Kotong’s wife Aida to pacify the fight.

However, Kotong struck his wife with a paddle hitting her body. Jack pulled a knife and stabbed his father in the stomach killing him.

Police said that Jack escaped after the incident. — Dan Toribio Jr.