2nd medical mission in Sulu: Joining hands for better health with partners PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 September 2014 14:31

“Achieving better primary health care auxiliaries and to be more efficient and effective towards responsive public health service in partnership with neighboring communities and with concern local govern local government units, non-government agencies and its affiliates.”

The IDB Graduates (IGA) Zone 4 in partnership with Notre Dame of Jolo College, Notre Dame Clinic-Family Wellness, and Community Extension Services (CES), initiated a one-day successful SECOND MEDICAL MISSION IN SULU last September 8, 2014 which was conducted in the clinic.  The free service and free medicines served 131 indigent people on medical diagnostic consultation.  The health care team volunteers composed of three licensed medical specialists, five registered nurses, one registered pharmacist, one registered midwife and three volunteers.  The ND Clinic nursing affiliates assisted and helped on registration and physical assessment with vital signs taking with the NDJC school nurse.

This medical community activity was initiated in order to maintain good health, prevent further illness and seeks a suitable consumer’s health care to accept the individual responsibility and take steps towards self-awakening.

Remember, the communities we live in should not be built with individual people but with family sharing lives, resources and common destinies.  Good communities as partners lead to good neighborhoods and good neighborhoods lead to good communities.  Enlightened by this, there would be another round of Medical Camp in Sulu some time soon to cater and deliver free medical services to those in need as our continuous commitment to serve the people of Sulu.

Along with these experiences, it was indeed another highly successful event.  Everyone went home equipped with new responsibilities and resolved to perform more positively in their work.  Moreover, we deeply value the invaluable presence, trust and humble support of the following: Hon. Gov. Abdusakur “Totoh” A. Tan II, Hon. Vice Gov. Abdusakur M. Tan, Dr. Faranahz J. Intimani, FPOGS, Dr. Nhamier M. Jikiri, Dr. Sebar S. Sala and the cooperation and partnership of the College’s Nursing Department, NDJC School Clinic, ND Clinic Staff and most especially to the IDB Graduates headed by IDB Graduate President, Mr. Timothy A. Ijiran