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Friday, 26 September 2014 12:53

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Childhood is raring to reach home because you are very eager to see the new born puppies of your dog. It is seriously deciding what names to give each of them, and believing with all conviction, that your names are far better than the suggestions of the rest. It is thinking that all cousins, friends and enemies will all be envious of these new household acquisitions.

Childhood is being very excited about joining parades. A mother I know of, was awakened in the middle of the night by a noise outside the room. She was very surprised to see her two elementary boys all bathed and dressed-up for the parade.  They have taken their breakfast and were already brushing their teeth at one in the morning!

It is also being very happy to have visitors. Be it a pretty aunt, a doting grandmother or a drunkard uncle, children are ever so delighted to have them. I remember an aunt who would drop by our house every semestral break, before proceeding to her place. We would all be very noisy, competing for her attention. It was not that she gave us anything, because she was not a generous aunt. But we were very  proud of her, and showed her off to our friends as though she were a very important person of the country.

Childhood is also desiring to impress the teachers. My son related, how his heart beat very fast when his teacher entered the room. Earlier, he applied floor wax under the teacher’s table and scrubbed it very thoroughly. He was eager to see the amazement of the teacher in seeing her area very shiny.  “ Was she very impressed?” I asked.  “I think she did not notice, because she went straight to her lessons and did not say anything.” Therefore, let me add, childhood is not putting negative implications on the behavior of others.

Childhood is having very high ambitions like becoming a doctor or a scientist. I have seen so many children write that they like to become one these two distinguished professions. It is thinking that every mountain is surmountable and every ambition reachable. My co-teacher’s son promised to buy her a car when he grows up, and whenever he does not like to wake up in the morning, she would say, “ How will you buy me a car if you cannot even wake up for school?”

Childhood is valuing every gift you receive.  My nephew greatly values every present he gets. One time it was a toothbrush holder from his manito. He was very excited to display it in their bathroom and transfer his toothbrush in this new container.

Whoever wrote that childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons, knew what he was talking about.