Friendship ends, when obligation to public begins — VM Iturralde PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 27 September 2014 14:01

“I just did my obligation to the public as the vice mayor of the city.”

This was Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde’s reaction to Maria Devorrah Durendez’s remarks made over the radio criticizing him for not valuing their friendship when he pinned her down on the “gasoline scam” that has rocked the City Council recently.

Durendez, who was in-charge of distributing gas slips (gasoline allowance) to Council officials when she was still connected to the local legislative body, was blamed by Iturralde as allegedly behind the fuel distribution anomaly which surfaced after a gasoline station sent letters to Iturralde and some councilors demanding them to pay thousands of pesos worth of gasoline.

Iturralde acknowledged in an interview over RMN Zamboanga the other day that he and Durendez have known each other for a long time since both of them have been working at the City Council for many years, but the vice mayor said the friendship ends when his obligation to the public begins.

Iturralde reacted after Durendez poured out her sentiments in the radio interview saying that it was the vice mayor who pinned her down “gasoline scam”.

“Dol man hermano ya quita vice, hunto quita na Sangguniang, ansina ba quita si tiene problema hace quita cay conel diaton hermana?” asked Durendez.

The vice mayor explained it was not him to confirm on Durendez’ fault in the excess distribution of gasoline at the Council.

Iturralde said in 2012 when he learned about the anomaly, he ordered a fact finding investigation found out Durendez’s alleged negligence. The case was handled by the city legal office for the proper filing of charges.

“Verdad se bien barkada gat kame, pero nohay yo cosa puede hace como el vice alcalde del ciudad, ya manda yo imbestiga y el resulta del imbestigacion ya insinia con Durendez, hende yo el ya imbestiga, hende yo el ya menta conele,” the vice mayor said.

Iturralde added that it will be very improper for him not to take appropriate action on such serious matters.

Moreover, he said, if Durendez is in possession of complete documents to prove it was not her who consumed the gasoline, she can use it to defend herself in the proper forum.

“Any irregularity in the government should be stopped and prosecute the culprits,” the vice mayor added. – Dan Toribio Jr.