Mayor Climaco seeks CHR guidance on IDP protection PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 October 2014 11:46

Mayor Beng Climaco yesterday sought the guidance of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) in the implementation of appropriate laws and standards to ensure the protection of all internally displaced persons (IDPs).

“We need the support of the CHR to guide us accordingly so that all of the laws of the IDPs will be realized,” Climaco said, stating that there is no set template on how to address crisis and calamities thus underscoring the crucial role of CHR as lead and guide for all undertaken responses.

“The City is opening its doors, seeking your guidance, so that we, together with you and all the humanitarian actors, will be able to reach our goal,” she said.

Speaking in the public forum of the Training Workshop on Durable Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Zamboanga City, the chief executive firmly reiterated the intention of the local government to uphold and protect the rights of all IDPs through the provision of decent and dignified temporary and permanent shelters, and the implementation of responses which are carefully calibrated to consider the cultural sensitivities of all displaced individuals and families.

Climaco stated that to fine tune its response according to international humanitarian standards, the local government revisited policies and set up mechanisms for the protection of IDPs in evacuation centers and transitory sites. A compendium of all relevant laws was requested and judiciously studied by the local government to ensure that the human rights of IDPs are upheld and protected.

Moreover, continued coordination with the Protection Cluster of the Rehabilitation Coordination Structure is also being practiced to address immediate protection concerns.

Aside from the IDPs, Climaco also emphasized that the local government is also adamant in protecting the rights of barangays which are currently serve as host communities for the displaced residents.

“I also ensure that the host communities, particularly in Masepla, should also be given dignified and continued environmentally-safe existence, because all of a sudden, from a group of 80 individuals, there are now more than 700 individuals temporarily staying in the area,” she said. — Jasmine Mohammadsali

In her presentation, the Mayor provided the latest updates on the rehabilitation efforts of the City which currently revolves around the provision of dignified temporary and permanent shelters, and sustainable livelihood for IDPs.

The next steps towards recovery are to clear the evacuation centers, expedite the implementation of the roadmap to recovery as well as the overall rehabilitation of the City, and calibrate the City’s security measures, said Climaco.

Despite the challenges, Climaco is determined to see through the rehabilitation efforts to ensure the well-being of all affected and displaced residents.

“We take on the challenge of taking care of our IDPs,” she said.

“I value the rights of women and men, and most importantly children. I told myself, no human person must suffer as a consequence of the dissension of certain factions against the government,” she declared.