Zambo Bishop asks gov’t to give resources to poor PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 October 2014 14:34

“I have to admit that the government really has resources and we see that in the papers everyday so much money is being wasted and going to the pockets of politicians and that money can easily be used to ameliorate the conditions of our people, especially the poor, the jobless and so on, but maybe it’s a question of putting emphasis on the part of those politicians or those people who steal the money of the government and they should think about the consequences of their actions.”

Thus how Zamboanga City Archbishop Romulo dela Cruz called on all politicians concerned to rethink about their actions and activities if indeed they are addressing the needs of their constituents particularly the poorest of the poor. He made the appeal after he said a Mass last Saturday afternoon at the St Francis House orphanage in Pasonanca, this city, as the facility celebrated its 27th anniversary.

“Eventually they will die and they will not be able to bring all that money to heaven, (and) heaven will not admit their money and so that money should go where it should go so I call on the government to look at the possibility of continuing its partnership with Saint Francis home because I understand that this particular site, the land where the Saint Francis is located (in Pasonanca ) was a gift of the City Government, so clearly the gift can be extended to something more like giving immediate help to the orphanage (with) necessary amount rather (Saint Francis) just depend on help from abroad, Dela Cruz pointed out.

In his Holy Mass, Dela Cruz also asked the over 50 orphans at the St Francis House to continue on praying also for their benefactors so that help and assistance will keep on coming. =C2=A0Canadian priest Fr. Arthur Winikoff, who established the orphanage in Zamboanga City in 1987, is currently in Canada seeking help and donations to help feed the Christian and Muslim children in Zamboanga City.

“Orphanages like the Saint Francis home should have as many people working for them, working for Saint Francis home and working for the children because a program, project like this should be truly supported, “ Archbishop Dela Cruz said in a press conference. He said he understands the difficulties that Fr. Winikoff is going through in getting people to donate or help the orphans in Zamboanga.

“Father Art is telling me that it is so difficult to get funds in Canada and Europe because the former benefactors are getting older and older and they don’t have children to continue the work they have been doing,” he said. Winikoff revealed last time that the city government under the previous administration was not giving any single grain of rice for the orphans except for some local businessmen and “good Samaritans” who help meet the one bag of rice a day requirement of the orphanage.

Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar also graced the St Francis House affair came with goodies and school bags for the more than 50 orphans. The mayor exhorted on the orphans to continue with their studies and good faith in lives.