Mayor hails volunteerism of health council members PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 October 2014 11:49

Mayor Beng Climaco recognized efforts of members of existing health councils in the city saying their contribution helps ensure that her administration’s health agenda as espoused under the SHE program will be realized.

Mayor Climaco, who heads the Local Health Board, the umbrella organization for five health councils, spearheaded Thursday night, “Un Noche de Voluntad,” a ceremony acknowledging the efforts of the volunteers highlighted by the mass induction of all council members.

She called the health council members to carry on with their commitment and help build back a better Zamboanga.

The mayor chairs the Local Health Board with City health officer Rodelin Agbulos as vice chair. The members are Councilor VP Elago in his capacity as chair of the Council committee on health, Dr. Sator as representative of the private sector/non-government organization involved in health service and Dr. Rolando Bucoy representing the Department of Health regional director Dr. Nimfa Torizo.

The local health board proposes to the City Council the annual budgetary allocations for the operation and maintenance of health facilities and services, serves as an advisory committee to the City Council  concerned on health matters such as but not limited to the necessity for and application for local appropriations for public health purposes and to create committees which shall advise local health agencies on matters such as personnel selection and promotion, bids and awards, grievances and complaints, personnel discipline, budget review, operations and similar functions.

The health councils that have been created include the Breastfeeding Awareness monitoring council, Hermosa TB Council, City Blood Council of Zamboanga, Nutrition Council and the Zamboanga City Multisectoral AIDS Council (ZCMSAC).

District I Cong. Celso Lobregat who sits as member of the Advisory Council along with District II Cong. Lilia Nuno also graced the occasion and underscored the significance of each and every volunteer or member of the different health councils in the attainment of the health agenda of the government.

City Legal Officer Atty. Jesus Carbon administered the oath of office of all the health council members.

The Breastfeeding Awareness Monitoring Council was created based on Ordinance 425 and is in line with the city’s vision of promoting and encouraging exclusive and continued breastfeeding and provide specific measures that would enable nursing mothers to continue expressing their milk/ and or breastfeeding their infants or young children.

The Hermosa TB Council is a multi-sectoral decision-making body that oversees, supervises, consolidates, centralizes and unifies all efforts and activities related to the national Tuberculosis Program implementation in the city.

The City Blood Council of Zamboanga is formalized through Ordinance 336 and supported by Executive Order CL 320-2010. It serves as the umbrella of all the Blood Councils in the city and is mandated to coordinate with the different blood services/ facilities related to blood program activities in the city, source out and collect funds for blood program, provide trainings/ seminars on voluntary blood donation and monitor and evaluate different barangay councils in the city.

The Nutrition Council was created through EO CL 270-2009 and takes charge of formulating, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and coordinating the annual action plan for nutrition.

The ZCMSAC on the other hand was created in 2001 by virtue of Ordinance 234 and is mandated to develop policies and implement activities for the STI/HIV/AIDS prevention program in the city. — Sheila Covarrubias