BFP: 86 fires from January to October PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 October 2014 11:52

A total of P94,845,000 worth of properties were destroyed in 86 fire incidents from January to October this year, according to  District Fire Marshal  Supt. Dominador F. Zabala Jr.

Zabala said in January, eight fire incidents took place, while eight others happended in February,

The other fire incidents are — 15 in March, 14 in  April,  seven in May, four inJune,  nine in July, nine in August, eight in September and four in October.

Bureau of Fire Protection records show three persons were killed in this year’s fire incidents, 10 were injured including a BFP personnel.

Zabala said results of investigations show eight of the fire incidents were caused by negligence, four intentional and 18 undetermined.

In 2013, from January to December, a total of P193,973,000 worth of properties went up in smoke in 110 fire incidents.

The breadown: Three in January, four in February, five in March, seven in April, eight in May, four in June, 11 in July, eight in  August, 42 in September, 14 in October, three in November and one in December.

Zabala said the biggest number of fire incidents happened during September 2013 Zamboanga siege

A total of 42 were recorded during that armed conflict where two persons were killed by fire, 13 were injured including a Bureau of Fire Protection personnel. — Allen Abastillas