Fisherman, Tictapul resident dead in 2 fresh gun violence PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 October 2014 11:53

A fisherman and a resident of Tictapul were killed in separate gun violence Friday and Saturday.

Jaafar Mahammud y Mujaal, 46, married, of Taluksangay, was shot and killed while fishing off Tumalutab Island, this city last Saturday, while Victor Francisco was shot by a businessman in Tictapul Friday night.

Jaafar sustained three bullet wounds in the body. His body was fished out of the seas near Tumalutab Island while his motorized pumpboat was recovered off Bolong shore.

Initial investigation disclosed that Jaafar and his son Asdal Mahammad y Sappal, 26, also a fisherman went fishing on board separate pumpboats. It was learned that Jaafar and his son went in different directions while fishing and did not see each other for almost two hours.

However, around 11 a.m., the motorized pumpboat of Jaafar with “Sandaratu” written on the body  was recovered floating by fishermen off Bolong. It was later confirmed by the victim’s son as their pumpboat. He immediatly joined the search for his father until they found his body off Tumalutab and Eleven Islands.

Police said that Jaafar was shot by gunmen while fishing.

Francisco, on the other hand, was shot and killed at Sitio Logpond. He sustained multiple bullet wounds in the body and was rushed to the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, where he expired while undergoing treatment.

Police investigators were able to talk to Francisco while he was being treated at the hospital and he told them that he was shot by Fredo Maningo, 51, of Sitio Logpond.

However after revealing the identity of the gunman, he died due to the fatal wounds.

Policemen went to the house of Maningo and arrested him.

Maningo was made to undergo paraffin test while he was being investigated by the police. – Dan Toribio Jr.