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Wednesday, 29 October 2014 11:45

The Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) has announced that effective October 28, there will be water rationing with no definite schedule as to when it will be lifted.

Affected barangays with low pressure to no water starting yesterday include the Central Area with 18 barangays, West Coast Area with 15 barangays and East Coast Area with eight barangays (please see the advertisement of ZCWD in the inside pages).

ZCWD Production Manager Engr. Teotimo “Bong” Reyes said the low pressure is due to low water level at the reservoir and no water at certain barangays due to turbidity or “malubog agua” in a local vernacular which causesshortage of water in some areas.

“Chemical treatment alone can not remove this turbidity (lubog agua),” Reyes said.

It was learned that turbidity is heavy to pass on the treatment plant and there is need to wait to settle down and pass it to the sedimentation tank for filtration.

“Mas frequent el labada del maga filters, mas ta menora el production del agua. Maga 80% to 90% lang ta pwede quita lubog el los demas porsiyento ta pwede pasa na filters, which causes low production,” Reyes explained.

ZCWD general Manager Leonardo Rey Vasquez said the situation being experienced by Zamboangueños is the first time after 25 years.

“Even last year during the flood, turbidity is not that much compared to the present situation,” Vasquez said.

He said the normal level only reaches 5 npu while at present it reaches 1,562 npu or the level to measure the unit of turbidity.

Vasquez said some factors which contribute to water shortages is the increasing demand as population continues to grow. In addition, there are now several big establishments like malls and factories Zamboanga City that use big volumes of water in their operations.

He said the moment the situation normalizes, the water rationing will be lifted.

ZCWD is initiating to procure another three new water tanks to cater to low pressure areas in the city and the possible construction of another treatment plant in the west coast which will start on the first quarter of 2015 for Public scooping with the Environmental Management Board.

“The treatment plant is on the process to augment the neccessities for Zamboangueños,” Vasquez said. — Monch L. Follosco