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Sunday, 02 November 2014 14:38

The project proposed by the IDB Scholarship Programme in the Philippines which was supported by Sulu Governor Abdusakur “Totoh” A. Tan II and Vice Governor Abdusakur M. Tan resulted in  a positive outcome and still continuing to accomplish their plan by conducting different Islamic activities. With the participation of the IDB Graduates Association in Zone IV.  The IGA President, Mr. Timothy Ijiran together with the supportive guests, the organization has successfully accomplished their objectives.

The Janaazah Training in Sulu  for Men and Women with actual demo was conducted on October 12, 2014. It was held at the Sumadja Hall, Provincial Capitol, Bangkal, Patikul, Sulu Province. It was a whole-day training and more than 80 participants and observers attended. Members were from the Muslim Student Association (MSA) Lupah Sug Inc., Tausug Active Youth Organization (TAYO), Muslim revert of Sulu (Balik Islam) and Nourrunisah Organization. The said activity aimed to educate Muslim youth on the procedure of the Janaazah and the significance of remembering death to strengthen one’s faith that would transform every Muslim, especially the women and the youth to be a productive citizen not only limited to being a learned Muslim but also a competent professional as well.  The theme of the one-day event is “Preparing Future Leaders of Tomorrow, Today.” And it was implemented in partnership with the Muslim Leaders Assembly (MLA) Sulu, Inc.

The day began with the registration of the participants at 8 a.m.,while waiting for everyone to be in. At exactly 9 a.m., the programme started with an Opening Prayer led by Tuan Gabir Kasim where everyone was asked to rise. After the prayer, an Opening Remarks was given by Tuan Yahya N. Titong, President of MLA, followed by the welcome address given by Fazlur-Rahman Abdulla, Director of Sulu Area Coordination Center.  Tuan Nabdar Alli, treasurer of MLA introduced the participants of the said training.

The President of the IDB Graduates, Timothy Ijiran, gave his message for conducting the training. He explained the significance of the “Janaazah Training” for student leaders. Furthermore, he extended his gratitude to the Governor of Sulu, Abdusakur “Totoh” A. Tan II and his father Vice Governor Abdusakur M. Tan for the support and for making it possible.

The latter didn’t make it to the programme, However, Mr. Erwin Tan, the Provincial Administrator gave the inspirational message on their behalf.  He said that the Governor and the Vice Governor were sorry for not making it due to out of town equally important appointment and that they were glad to know that there is this type of training being conducted.  He also gave a short message regarding the programme.

Tuan Sabana Sarahadil, Auditor of MLA, introduced the Lecturer for the Morning Session. So, the lecture on “Ahkaamul Janaa-idz” was given by Alim Benson Baid, Mudarris, Sulu Islamic Library. He explained the main purpose of the training. Later on after his lecture, an Open Forum happened for the questions raised by the participants.

More than 15 questions were raised after the lecture from the participants of the different organizations. After that, lunch was served and everyone had their break.

The afternoon session began at exactly 1 o’clock. All women stayed inside the Smith Hall while all the Men went to the Capitol Gymnasium to have a separate actual demo of what have been taught in the morning session. The women were led by Dayang Nurmina Injani together with Dayang Muniyra A. Isnirul while the men were led by Tuan Yahya Titong. All the participants were grouped (5 groups for women while 3 groups for men). The afternoon activity began by showing the participants how to perform the “Janaazah” which were demonstrated by their lecturer. Afterwards, each group was asked to present and demonstrate what they have learned. One person from each group acted as the dead person and the Actual demo began.

The presentation ended at around 3:30 pm and snacks were served afterwards. One representative from each organization who participated then gave their testimonial message for the said training. Mr. Fernando Gatella, Representative of the Muslim Revert Organization, extended their gratitude to the President of the IDB Graduates, to the Governor and Vice Governor of Sulu, and to the supportive guest. He said that they were happy to be part of the training and felt that they’re already part of the Muslim brotherhood. They felt welcome and he also shared some of his knowledge related to the topic of that day’s activity.

Furthermore, on behalf of his group, Zaddique from the MSA Lupah Sug also extended their gratitude for making the training possible. He was happy to see new faces of the participants and he said that they learned something new and important from the said activity. Alridzmar from the TAYO Organization also extended their gratitude. He said that it was really great to have that kind of training and he also challenged the management to conduct the same kind of activity in the Municipal base to assist those who are really assigned to perform the Janaaza (Muslim Funeral Rites).

Lastly, Morena Salamat, Representative from the Nourunnisah Organization, also extended their gratitude and they were thankful because the training enhanced their knowledge for the procedure of Janaazah.

The training ended with a Closing remarks given by Tuan Yahya Titong. It was followed by a Closing Prayer by Tuan Gabir Kasim. He also shared some knowledge about their topic to inspire more the participants and guest of the training.

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