Another teacher in hot water for alleged sexual molestation PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 02 November 2014 14:39

After a teacher of the Sinubong National High School figured in an alleged sexual molestation complaint lodged with the police by a young woman,  another teacher is now in hot water after parents of seven male pupils of the Southcom Elementary School filed a complaint against him for allegedly sexually molesting their children in school recently.

In a complaint filed with Police Station 8 in Sinunuc, the parents of the seven pupils identified the teacher as Johnny Piscos, a volunteer teacher.

A police report disclosed that the sexual molestation started on October 2 and was reported to the police on October 17.

The incidents reportedly took place after classes in the afternoon right inside the classroom.

Piscos, according to the complaint, had chosen some male pupils to stay in the room to clean, but allegedly abused the young boys during such period

It was only after one pupil complained that the others followed suit.

The pupils told other teachers of the school that at first they were afraid to report the incidents as no one from the school would believe them.

Some parents of the boys brought the matter to Brigada News FM.

No less than the school principal Mr. Berlino Flores reportedly encouranged the parents to file appropriate charges in court against Piscos.

Piscos was nowhere to be found after the incidentswere reported to the police.

Last week, Mr. Junierold Montes, a high school teacher of Sinubong National School, became the center of controversy after a woman filed a complaint of child abuse and sexual molestation against him for reneging his promise to marry her.

Montes reportedly stayed in a boarding house along with different live-in-partners. — Dan Toribio