NHA clears issue on damaged units in Lustre PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 November 2014 14:04

The National Housing Authority (NHA) yesterday assured the public that no units have collapsed in the construction of housing projects for the Z3R plan under their watch.

“The NHA would like to categorically deny that ongoing construction of housing units collapsed in one of our projects, particularly in Lustre Homeowners Association Subdivision,” said NHA Zamboanga Head Engr. Al Indanan.

Indanan clarified that the incident in question involved three housing units which were accidentally hit and damaged by the backhoe of the construction company undertaking the projects in Lustre.

The affected units, specifically lots 13, 15, and 16 in the block 5 area, were immediately declared unfit after assessment by the NHA revealed that the structural integrity of these units have been compromised.

The construction company has been directed to remove and replace these units. The damaged units will be considered a loss to the constructor, and will be replaced at no cost to the government.

Each housing unit in the Lustre Homeowners Subdivision costs Php 175,000.00

“This was definitely an isolated case. It was an accident,” added Indanan.

The NHA also denied rumors that the incident was caused by the utilization of substandard materials in the construction of houses.

“As far as NHA is concerned, there is no substandard construction,” Indanan said.

Materials delivered on-site which do not meet NHA standards are immediately separated and rejected, he added.

Meanwhile, the NHA is continuing its work on the permanent housing units slated for the different sites in the City as part of its commitment to the Z3R plan and its expected timeline to complete all housing construction on or before June 2015.

According to Indanan, both Martha Drive and Paniran projects are for closure and completion, with NHA finalizing the details of the transfer of all residents in coordination with the Housing and Land Management Division of the City Government.

In Tulungatung, 42 units out of the total 383 units set for construction have been completed, while 142 units are under construction.

The Christian-Muslim Homeowners project is the most affected by the development of the Dimarunsing road as undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), as is the construction of homes in the Islamic Village, noted Indanan.

For the Lustre Homeowners project, the NHA hopes to complete the 158 targeted housing units by December 2014, although the slated completion date is on January 2015. To date, 57 units are currently in various stages of construction in Lustre.

Two projects, specifically the Ayer Village in Rio Hondo and the Vale Vista 1, 2 and 3, are expected to be bidded out by November 7 and November 14, respectively.

For the Housing Materials Assistance (HOMA), the NHA will be coordinating with its supplier to fast track the delivery of the HOMA to the 1,549 families who qualified for the assistance.

The HOMA distribution will end on December 2014.

As these developed, City Mayor Beng Climaco said that the City Government will be communicating with both the DPWH and the NHA on project monitoring to ensure that the Z3R projects comply with set standards, and to hasten the construction of houses in the Mariki project.

“We will be writing to these agencies so that the Mariki houses-on-stilts will start, because it has been already awarded to contractors,” she said. — Jasmine Mohammadsali